Mules, the latest trends for Summer 2021

Mules, the latest trends for summer 2021

The mules, this is the room fashion to have in your wardrobe for the summer season this year.

These it-shoes are available in several materials and colors: raffia, leather, heels, animal motif ... you will necessarily find shoes at your feet!


A real fashion accessory in the 90s, mules are once again invading our streets (and social networks) to enhance your looks. It is an iconic shoe model that allows you to lengthen your silhouette by shaping your leg.

The comfort, practicality and diversity of the models are the reasons for their immediate success.

Luxury brands have taken over the trend, each offering their own vision of the mule since 2017. For  Dior, it will be a mule with the vintage “CD” monogram available in several colors, graphics and materials. For the House Hermes, the Oran model, a basic of the brand, which has taken an important place in this market. It's a must-have often out of stock, very popular. Often a waiting list is set up, a problem for the most impatient among us ...

The price is also a brake on the purchase, for a pair of mules from the big houses you have to count at least 350 €, a sum that we prefer to put in the holidays rather than at our feet 😉

But don't worry, today you can find mules from many brands for the general public at very reasonable prices.

our selection

Sure, we offer a wide selection of mules for the summer at very affordable prices!

Bali BAli, the brand from fair craft, offers sandals and accessories handmade in Bali. The insoles as well as the upper of the shoes are made of leather, which will make your sandals more robust. You can enjoy it for several seasons!

Simple models, colorful or with patterns, these shoes will dress all your light outfits in the hot summer months. Enough to be the most beautiful of your girlfriends 😉

Here is the selection of mules that we have prepared for you, to shop directly on our site!

Good shopping !


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